Self Storage Packing & Moving Supplies

TypeCommon UsesPrice
File BoxTaxes, paid bills, x-mas ornaments$2.00
Small BoxBooks, dishes, DVDs, canned goods$1.00
Medium BoxSmall appliances, kitchen items$2.00
Large BoxLamp shades, electronics, towels$2.50
X-Large BoxBedding, toys, pillows, pots & pans$3.00
Wardrobe BoxClothing, suits, dresses, shoes$8.00
Large Bubble PackCushions items in boxes$4.00
Twin Mattress BagTo wrap twin mattress + boxspring$2.50
Full Mattress BagTo wrap full mattress + boxspring$3.00
Queen Mattress BagTo wrap queen mattress + boxspring$3.25
King Mattress BagTo wrap king mattress or sofa$3.50
Utility CordUsed to tie goods down in a vehicle$2.00
Tape GunUsed to secure and cut packing tape$6.00
Poly Tape (clear)Used to secure boxes$1.50
Newsprint/WrappingUsed to wrap glass, breakables$8.00
Steel Lock$5.00
Disc Lock$10.00

Moving Supply Package Deals

Package #1Package #2Package #3Package #4
2 Small Boxes3 Small Boxes5 Small Boxes10 Small Boxes
2 Medium Boxes5 Medium Boxes5 Medium Boxes10 Medium Boxes
1 Large Box2 Large Boxes3 Large Boxes3 Large Boxes
1 X-Large Box1 Packing Tape1 X-Large Box3 X-Large Boxes
1 Packing Tape1 Wardrobe2 Wardrobes
1 Packing Tape2 Packing Tapes
$11.00 Plus tax$14.50 plus tax$23.50 plus tax$45.50 plus tax

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